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Gentlemen of a Certain Fabulousness

Au Revoir, Bitches!
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106: new record!, 114 just oatmeal please, 5'7" is too short, a quick massage, america's next top model, america's top model, anti-grease showdown, best-selling authors, boyfriend-certified anorexia-free, bring me my jacket, calling boyfriends, catie's not your friend, christlike for my husband, cockney, coyote ugly, crucifying slutbodies, crying, diana ross, don't trust anyone!, drony voices, dull male models, ebony, elbows off the table, excuses for everything, favorite book: bible, fear of looking darker, fight for the mirror, futurecamille, gaping mouths, ginselle, giselle, goth makeup contest, goth not mime, grace jones, grease on the doorknobs, halloween: resurrection, house meetings, i guess i'm trash, i invented that pose, i'm prettier than them, jamaica butt flag, janice circa 1978, just the pearls, last year at marienbad, late for the shoot, life-size, losing fifty pounds, marines and firemen, medical school, mimes not goths, mirrorhog or be cut, mod room, my girlfriend's no quitter, natalie weiss, next top model, not a sex pot, only nine pictures left, ousted baby phat, over-buttered bread, oversleeping, passing out, passive-aggresive prayer, playing lotto, plussize jesuscreep, puff daddy's mom, punk-funk room, quick close the elevator, real world of modeling, rock me baby, runway jay, scabies, six years of yoga, slingin' wings, stealing toilet paper, surfing the crimson waves, teeth, thanks for waking me, the hamburglar, the return of dronyvoice, the shins, the smokers corner, theknittsters, these bitches don't care, top model, top model 2, ty ty baby, tyra doppelgangers, waitress of the year, walgreens mouse, whosever, wing slingin', worst dressed list, your body's too slutty